I Only Learned How to Love ~Not How to be Loved~

Good-bye stage ;____;…-ABER with a Heartbreak :C-….Onyl Learned the Bad Things & OK….I love it the moment of Gongchan at the camera~ I love the fanchants ;___;…They win a lot of fans TT vTT….i cried a lot when O.K starts to sound ;___; </3

i love it <3….MyungSoo </3….; 3;

Infinite asdasdasdasdasdds :Q_ <3

Be Mine i love you~ Oh.
I have to need you~ Oh.
I will Take responsibility of you till the end~

Reblog if you don’t have girlfriend or boyfriend.


ㅋㅋㅋ xDD ♥

i love it xDDDD &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 kekeke


ㅋㅋㅋ xDD ♥

i love it xDDDD <3 <3 <3 kekeke

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For you~

Until today i feel your hand on my shoulder…
And i remember that sweet moment…

You: Waa~ Isn’t cold now~
Me: Say that about you ¬¬…
You: Eh, You feel cold?
Me: A little ^^U *nervious*
You: Human warm! *hug*

And yes….you just hugged me -///-;


Yeah….it’s my first date ;////;…

I’m nervious…. ;////;…

We should hold hands….?

You will kiss my head??? ;///;…Aigo -////_////-

I want that day ;////;…

I want to see you, and hug you once again~ <3

Yeah…today *_*!♥

I have to travel for 2 Hours *__*♥♥

I’ll have my precious winter vacation’s*_____*♥♥

With My friends of Santiago~ *-*♥♥

i’ll be happy this vacations~ ♥♥

And the Sunday….aaaaah~ I’ll Be waiting for your call or a message…

Do you really want to go out with me?

Hya~ -//////-…



Vamos a ganar 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TENEMOS QUÉ e_è